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Michigan Saves Project Proposal


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Tanya Baker
Marketing and Communications Director
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Let’s Tell Your Story


Whatever your story is, we know how to tell it in a way that will deeply resonate with your audience.

Why We Exist

We hate bad marketing. And there’s a lot of it out there. We exist to change that by rebelling against the status-quo, one piece of content at a time.

Project Overview

The objective of this project is to produce story-driven video content that incorporates and reinforces the new Michigan Saves branding. As part of this endeavor, Sleekfire is prepared to offer the following items:

  • Customer-facing overview video

  • Contractor-facing overview video

  • Customer success stories video series

  • B-roll footage for various purposes

Scope of Work

We will provide pre-production planning, production, and post-production services, as detailed below in our three phases.

Phase 1: Plan

In phase one, we will develop a detailed plan to communicate your message in the most effective way. We will work through planning all of the details for interviews and b roll for each shoot date so that everything runs smoothly. We will also schedule any applicable dates and help organize any people or locations involved.

Phase 2: Create

Phase two consists of capturing all of the footage we need for each of the videos. This will take place over a pre-decided amount of shoot dates. This typically consists of both interviews and b roll footage, depending on the type of video we are creating. If interviews are involved, we will help develop interview questions in advance that help draw out the responses we need from each participant in order to help tell the overall story in a compelling way. Once all of the interviews are finished and we have all of the additional b roll footage we need, we can move on to phase three.

Phase 3: Develop

In phase three we take time to develop the footage into finished, edited, polished videos that are ready for distribution. This consists of cutting through interview footage to find the best parts, laying b roll over the top of the speakers, adding music, color grading, and mastering the audio. We include up to two revisions of each video for no additional cost so that you can make sure they are exactly what you need. We want these videos to be perfect and are willing to take the time necessary to guarantee that happens.

Our Services

Video Production




Aerial Media


We create story-centered content for you to use on your website, social media, or elsewhere. Every piece of media we produce helps tell the story of how your business or organization can help your customers.

Whether you need a promotional video, photos for your e-commerce site, or team photos for your bio page, we can handle it. Each piece of content we produce is optimized for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, websites, or wherever else you may need to display it.

Our Recent Work



Sleekfire charges by shooting day rates plus hourly for post production. The following is an estimate of what this entire project could look like, depending on how many shoot dates are required. Each day rate includes two shooters, up to three 4K cameras, audio, lighting, etc.

Customer-Facing Overview Video

Two Day Rates at $2,000
Post Production at $150/hour for 10 hours
Total Cost: $5,500

Contractor-Facing Overview Video

Two Day Rates at $2,000
Post Production at $150/hour for 10 hours
Total Cost: $5,500

Customer Success Stories Video Series

Three Day Rates at $2,000
Post Production at $150/hour for 10 hours
Total Cost: $7,500

B-Roll Footage

Typically, b-roll footage is captured during existing shoot dates at no additional cost. If we are required to shoot additional b-roll footage it would be at our day rate of $2,000.

Total Estimated Project Cost: $18,500
All music and song licensing included, unless specific/copy-written songs are desired.

Travel Costs

If travel outside of 50 miles from Lansing is required, we charge $100 per shoot date. If overnight stays are required, we charge a $150 hotel fee per night.


Next Steps

If Sleekfire is chosen for this project, our next step would be to schedule a phone call or in-person meeting to discuss your needs in detail. We would like to create a detailed list of how many shoot dates are required and what we would be capturing in each shoot. We would also begin the process of crafting the story you want communicated through these videos. This process consists of defining your target market, understanding your audience, understanding your organization and how you function, and describing the problem that your organization solves.

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to Thank you so much. We look forward to your response!



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