3 Reasons Why Video Matters for Your Business in 2018

So you own a business, and you hear everyone talking about the importance of video content in marketing. But you’ve received some quotes from media companies and you can’t justify spending that amount of money without knowing for sure if it will work or not. 

Let’s Rewind...

Before we talk about why video is important, we have to talk about the purpose and function of social media in your marketing strategy. If your business is already heavily invested in social media, you can skip this section. But if you own a business and you haven’t taken the leap to get online yet, you should read this.

We’ve all seen this situation. You’re in the dentist office waiting area. Or in line at a cafe. Heck, even driving down the road. In all of these situations, what is everyone around you doing? 




They’re using social media. It’s slightly sad how much our culture uses these networks, but as a business, you have to look at the opportunity in this. Marketing is all about connecting people with your products and services. In order to do this, you have to go where the attention is.

Marketing is All About Attention

People used to use newspaper ads and billboards. Because that’s where the attention was. Now the attention has shifted to social media, blogs, and websites. If you are spending money on old school methods of marketing, you are simply not getting the return you could receive by investing in social media. Almost every single person I know has a smartphone and uses social media daily. In fact, the average user spends a combined total of one hour on various social media networks every. single. day. 

You can’t ignore the opportunity in this. The simple truth is this: it’s crucial for your business to be connected on the primary social media sites, and investing in creating an online community for your customers.

So Why Video?

There are a lot of different forms of content you could post on your channels. You could simply post text by itself, either in short form or long form. You can post photos. You can repost other people’s blog posts. Or your could post video content. Here are three reasons video content is the best way to present and market your business this year.


When a person is watching a video, it is engaging more of their senses. They are using their vision and hearing to both see and listen to the content you want them to absorb. By engaging multiple senses, and combining beautiful imagery with dialogue and music, you can create a more emotional response to your content, which makes the process of calling your customers to action much easier. Video is the best way to tell the story of your company and how it can improve the lives of your customers and solve their problems. 


Every major social media company is now actively using an algorithm. An algorithm is a digital system that tracks the way you use a platform, watches what you like and dislike, and then uses that data to predict what you would enjoy seeing most in your timeline or feed. Each of these algorithms highly favors video and will show video in the timeline of users far more often than photos or text. So by posting video content, you are increasing the chances that the algorithm will show it to more people.


Because video creates more of an emotional response, your viewers will be more likely to click the share button. The average Facebook user has 338 friends. And many people have a lot more than that. (Facebook’s friend limit is 5,000.) Every time someone shares one of your posts, each of their friends have the opportunity of seeing that post in their timelines as well. You can imagine how this could really help your business grow. If you are posting relatable and valuable video content, and 10, 20, 30, or even 100 people share a post, the multiplication factor of potential views is pretty exciting.

OK, I See Your Point… But Now What?

Once you come to the conclusion that video is important for your business, you have to make some decisions. What are you going to make videos about? We’re glad you asked.

We recommend starting with a basic promotional film that explains who your company is, what products and services you offer, and most importantly, the WHY behind why your company exists and how you can provide value for people by solving their problems. This video should be less than two minutes long and can be placed on your website’s home page or about page, as well as being shared on social media. 

Once you have that video, we recommend creating separate videos explaining in detail each of the products and services your company offers. Go in depth about the process, and the problems that your products solve. 

And lastly, once you have these main videos out of the way, you get to enjoy the fun part. You need to make short, 30-60 second videos that provide value for people online. If you are a realtor, create short videos explaining how to save money on closing costs. If you are a life coach, make short motivational videos for entrepreneurs. If you own a bike shop, make videos talking about the most common things that break on bikes and how to repair them. Even if these videos don’t seem like they will bring you a return initially, these are the kinds of videos that will create fans of your company, and will eventually lead to brand loyalty, which leads to increased revenue. Depending on your target market, you will want to post these videos often. As often as once a day, or at the least, once a week.

The Cost

We’re not going to pretend that video production is cheap. It costs money. And not everyone wants to spend what it costs to create high quality, story-driven video. If you truly do not have the money to invest in video production at this time, do some quick research online and learn how to use your phone to create video content. The quality of the cameras in today’s smartphones is astonishing. Sure, it’s not going to be the same as hiring a media company, but it will be better than nothing! 

If you do have the money to spend on video, but you just aren’t convinced it’s worth it yet, let me ask you one question:

How much is your lack of video content costing your company each day? Each Month? Each Year?

By not investing in video content, you could potentially be limiting your revenue. And that is ultimately much more costly than paying for video production.

Whether you begin by using your smartphone, or you hire a company like Sleekfire Media to do it for you, video is the biggest key for growing your business in 2018 and beyond.

Do you own a business? Do you need help creating content that actually grows your following and raises your revenue? We’d love to talk with you. Click below to get a free quote that will give you a better idea of how we can help.